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3 tips if you’re considering mediating your business dispute

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2024 | Business And Commercial Litigation

Disputes are common in the business world. Some are easily resolved, while others can be more problematic.

Mediation offers a chance to resolve a dispute that you cannot easily solve alone. And it can do so in a way that is far less costly and damaging than litigation often turns out to be. When you opt for mediation you engage a neutral third party to help you and the other party reach an accord. The intervention can help overcome the blockages and stand-offs that can occur when two parties try to resolve things alone.

The following tips can help if you are considering mediating your business dispute:

1. Look at the big picture

It is easy to get so annoyed with the other party during a dispute that you would swear you never wanted to see them again, let alone work with them. Yet, how would you feel about that a few weeks or months down the line? Would you miss them, either personally or financially? Try and step back and see if this is a relationship it makes long-term sense to preserve or one you are better off without. 

2. Make sure you understand everything

There may be legal terms or concepts you don’t fully grasp the meaning of. If you are unsure about something, ask your attorney or the mediator to explain. Understanding the details is crucial to making informed choices.

3. Be realistic

You probably are not going to get everything your own way. Nor is the other party. Mediation requires you to work toward a solution you can both accept. Try not to think in terms of black and white, or right and wrong. You may both have made mistakes along the way. You may both have weaknesses in your arguments. Accepting that you will probably need to concede some ground increases the chance you find a quick solution.

If you believe mediation could help you resolve your business dispute, then consider help to learn more.